Transparency of Information

Magna practices the best accounting and financial rules and procedures in the management of its business, ensuring security and solidity in its relationships with consortiates, partners and clients, as well as enhancing the transparency of data before institutions and society as a whole. It follows, first, what the specific legislation provides, but complements its process, even though it is released by law, through an external audit of its balance sheet.

It performs strict control of its accounts and Consortium accounts that it leads, in order to maintain the viability of each business, ensuring that the business accounting rates are in the conditions demanded by its business partners. With the certainty of adopting the most transparent and qualified information and processes, Magna has long experience in business associations, especially in the Consórcios mode, and is able to integrate business alliances whose purposes are Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) or Concessions, as well as as contracted under the Differentiated Regime of Public Contracting [RDC], or even through association in a Consortium or Special Purpose Entity [SPE].