Magna Engenharia Investe em Pacote de Soluções da Leica Geosystems Visando Aumentar a Gama de Serviços aos seus Clientes.


In order to increase the level of detail, the accuracy of the data collected and to improve the control and management of this information, MAGNA invested in the acquisition of a solution package composed of the powerful MultiStation – MS60 LEICA – and an extensive arsenal of software for analysis, management and generation of products and solutions with the highest level of rigor and quality currently available in the market.

MAGNA ENGENHARIA, a company with more than 1,600 engineering contracts experience, has decided to make this important investment by being sure that technological innovation is fundamental to maintaining its excellence in engineering services, always seeking to be ahead of its customers. competitors.

“We chose LEICA as a partner of our company for a number of reasons, such as the very high quality of its portfolio of technologies and the high level of technical assistance, which allowed us to understand that they are not only equipment vendors but also premium geotechnology solutions provider within the HEXAGON Group, which allows synergy with other tools of this global leader, making it perfect for what we do today and what we want to be doing in the near future. This selected package will be used initially to meet application demands for monitoring structures such as dams and slopes, “said Mr. Rodrigo da Silva Gazen – Director of MAGNA who has a postgraduate degree from Harvard Business School.

The company Magna Engenharia Ltda, headquartered in Porto Alegre / RS and with offices in other states in Brazil, works for the Infrastructure Solutions market, which includes Feasibility Planning, Studies, Projects and Licensing, Supervision and Supervision, pre-Operation and Operation in various branches of infrastructure, such as Transport, Sanitation and Water Resources.